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  • Dr. Mark Dennis, D.C.
    I come to Katy from Springfield, Oregon where I was born and raised and where the majority of my family still live. I completed my undergraduate studies at Western Oregon University and after beginning my career in the advertising and marketing field, I decided to move to Texas and return to school where I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas. After school, the desire to return 'home' to Oregon was strong, however my wife and I have fallen in love with Katy and it's people and we are proud to now call Katy home. My healthcare journey began in my 20's when I was told that I needed surgery to relieve a herniated disc in my lower back. Having been active all of my life, I knew that I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs, yet I knew that I could not live with the intense pain I was constantly feeling. The narcotics and muscle relaxers that I was prescribed didn't begin to help relieve the pain and just served to make me sluggish and in a constant fog. I knew I had to find another solution. I was referred to a Chiropractor that oversaw a rehab facility and through a stretching and strengthening program that worked to correct the muscle imbalances in my body, I have been pain free for many years. I knew right away that I had found a new calling. I am committed to providing my community the best possible drug-free pain relief available. I not only focus on your pain which is usually the initial problem, but also the function and muscular imbalances of your body which when corrected, will provide you with the same long term pain relief that I have experienced.

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